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Organic Fuzion Glass & Copper Sculptures
Organic Fuzion are hand blown-glass and painted glass sculptures coupled with poured and wrought copper.

Paul Falworth, a northern California native, has lived and traveled overseas in over 70 countries. His contemporary style reflects the energy of his travels and adventures - from backpacking in the mountains of Tibet to hang gliding along the California coast.

Organic Fuzion sculptures, created with plenty of positive energy hope that their surreal and iridescent dichromatic glass and copper patinas reach out and capture your imagination.

Copper sculptures include six-winged dragonflies (from one to three feet long) inset with flat glass patterns on the plasma-cut copper wings, are an excellent example of glass-smithing.

Organic Fuzion sculptures echo the wonders and facets of our constant journey through life.

Spirit Series Glass Spirit series
Examples of the Flame Series Examples of the Infinity Series Examples of the Spirit Series

"Glass has so much energy. I just love color that dances with the imagination."

    Karma Bubbles
Karma Bubbles glass float
Karma Bubbles Series
Each glass float, blown with a rainbow selection of colors, are carefully sealed to ensure their ability to float.

Bring karma to your fountain, pond or water bowl with Karma Bubbles. Perfect also anywhere in your home or outside. They love sunny places so hang them in windows.

Karma Bubbles adore company and prefer hanging out in threes for best karma!

Karma Incense Series
Bring your home to life with Karma Incense holders.

Hot glass blowing at BAGI
Paul working a hot glass sculpture.

Organic Fuzion Series
Organic Fuzion glass sculptures series include:

  • Flame - sculptures that resemble a flame, typically 14-16 inches high
  • Infinity- sculptures all with holes within each piece
  • Spirit - sculptures and vases that break free from their boundaries
  • Pumpkins - hand-blown, metal-iridescent, hand-painted black-light glass gourds
  • Karma - hand-blown glass floats