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Quest Assignments
      Buddha bowl
Karma Bubbles provide serenity for the buddha.

Karma Bubbles
Karma Bubbles glass floats

Karma Bubbles Glass Floats

Karma Bubbles were born of necessity. DragonsFyre required glass floats for its waterfall and koi pond as well as its outdoor Buddha bowl.

The majority of available glass floats were clunky and dull. Instead, I used a kaleidoscope of colors to create Karma Bubbles. Lots of color to bring life and light to the garden.

I tried a number of colors, transparent and opaque, and selected the arrangement shown. Enjoy!

Paul Falworth Studios' Karma Bubbles glass floats and select glass sculptures are available at the following Carmel-by-the-Sea establishments:

Carrigg's of Carmel
  Select Karma Bubbles
and Splash! series of fruit bowls

A Great Place
Karma Bubbles for display in your home
Aslan's Garden
Karma Bubbles for water fountains & ponds